Making the funeral arrangements


The arrangements for the funeral can be made by visiting our office, or if preferred, we will visit you at home.  Our Funeral Director will spend time explaining the options available to you and will organise all aspects of the funeral service.


The majority of families will not talk about funerals until after a death and are not aware of the choices available to them. Along with burial or cremation you can choose a Church service, a Humanist service (non religious), a Civil service, Interfaith service, or if preferred no service at all.


A religious service can take place in a Church, Chapel, Crematorium, or around the grave at a cemetery.  A Civil or Humanist service cannot take place in a Church or Chapel but can take place in a Crematorium, village hall, private house or garden. 


A traditional Burial can take place in a parish churchyard/cemetery, if available or in a council cemetery, for example, at Eastfield or Fletton, Peterborough.  A Green Burial can also be arranged at Ketton Park near Peterborough or at Fletton Cemetery, providing a peaceful final resting place in a manner friendly towards nature, wildlife and the environment.  


Burial and cremation coffins can be made of solid timber, hardwood veneered, bamboo or wicker, depending on individual taste.


Various types of transport can be arranged to take the coffin to the service, including a Hearse, Horse Drawn Carriage or even Motorcycle and Sidecar, again depending on individual preference.


We are also able to discuss arrangements that are requested out of the Peterborough area and help the bereaved carry out the wishes of their loved one.