Registering a death

After the loss of a loved one many people are unsure of what to do

and we are here to help and support you every step of the way.


When a registration certificate/cause of death has been issued by a doctor (own GP or Hospital) :- 


  • Registration can be done by any relative, executor or solicitor of the deceased or any person that was present when death occurred.

  • The person that is arranging the funeral, but not the funeral director.

  • You will need to make an appointment at the appropriate local Registry Office

  • Peterborough Registry Office -  Tel: 01733 864646                          


For registration of the death the registrar will need to know:-


Full name and address of deceased

Date of birth

Where they passed away

Last known occupation


You will need to take with you:-


Certificate Cause of Death (signed by doctor)


Also, if available:-


Birth certificate

Marriage/civil Partnership Certificates

NHS Medical card

If the person that has died is a married woman, you will be required to give her maiden name and her husbands’ full name and occupation


The registrar will issue you with a Certificate for Burial or Cremation (green form), this is to be given to the funeral director as soon as possible. You will also be issued with a Certificate of Registration of Death, this is to be filled in and sent to the social security office in the area in which the person has died.


If the Coroner is involved:-


In certain circumstances the death must be reported to the coroner by the doctor or hospital.

A post mortem/inquest will be carried out and funerals arrangements may, in some instances, have to be delayed.


You will not be issued with a Cause of Death Certificate, but the death will be registered once the coroner has made a decision, this can take a varying amount of time. The coroner will advise you on the approximate time it will take.


You can contact the funeral director to discuss arrangements at any time before or after registering the death.